Zagreb Holding has been taken over by the new Management Board
Published 17.06.2021.
The official handover of duties between the current Management Board headed by Ana Stojić Deban and the new Management Board of Zagreb Holding headed by Nikola Vuković, which was appointed by the Assembly of the Company on Monday, June 14, took place today in the Zagreb Holding.
New Management and Supervisory Board Of Zagreb Holding
Published 15.06.2021.
At today's meeting, the Assembly of Zagreb Holding dismissed the current Supervisory Board and the Management Board of Zagreb Holding and appointed a Supervisory Board consisting of three members. The remaining three members of the Management Board and the remaining members of the Supervisory Board will be selected in public tenders, which will be announced as soon as possible.
New date for big flower event - Floraart
Published 28.05.2021.
This year’s 55th  International Garden Exhibition - Floraart, will be held  from 1st to 6th of June on more than 300 thousand square meters of open space by Zagreb Bundek lake, to a slightly smaller extent than originally planned and respecting all recommended epidemiological measures.
For every use of the recycling yard – compost bag “Zrinko”
Published 20.05.2021.
From today on, citizens of the city of Zagreb - users of Zagreb Holding's services will be able to take home a bag of quality natural organic fertilizer “Zrinko” in exchange for disposal of household waste in the recycling yards. “Zrinko” is produced by the Zrinjevac subsidiary from organic waste collected in brown containers and green waste from public areas in the city.