Separate collection of bio-waste

15. February 2019.
After the introduction of a separate public waste collection service, citizens of Zagreb will also separate one type of biodegradable municipal waste - biotope in each household.
In brown bio-waste tanks we will separate:
  • kitchen waste (fruit and vegetable residues and bark, egg shells, coffee precipitators, tea bags, bread remains, salad leaves, blitve, kelly, etc.)
  • garden or green waste (including flowers, branches, fall leaves, grass and hedge trunks, pottery, fruit and vegetable residues, etc.)
  • small amounts of other bio-waste (bark, hair and hair, sawdust, paper towels, pine needles, small amounts of paper wrapped in kitchen scraps).
In brown bio-waste tanks should not be disposed of:

  • remnants of thermally processed food,
  • meat, fish, bones, skin,
  • dairy products, oils and fats,
  • ash, packaging (cardboard, glass, plastic), rubber, hazardous waste,
  • colored and lacquered wooden waste,
  • clothing, cigarettes and more.