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In 1923, AGM completed its 56th year of existence, founded in 1967 as a Center for cultural activity, focused primarily on musical and theater activities. 20 years later, it became an integral part of Omladinski kulturni centar (OKC; Youth cultural center), within which, along Zagrebačko kazalište maldih (ZKM; Zagreb youth theater), Radio 101 and OTV (Youth television) were established. In the 1990s, during the market transition, the Youth cultural center ceases to operate by separating Radio 101, then OTV, and finally the Zagreb youth theatre. The Center for cultural activity has been transformed into AGM, public company for cultural, artistic, publishing and informational activities.

At the beginning of 2007, it became a subsidiary of Zagreb Holding Ltd., while in November 2013 it separates again and operates independently as AGM Ltd. for publishing and services. Since October 2021, it is once again part of Zagreb Holding Ltd. as a subsidiary.

In addition to publishing as a core business, there are also 3 retail stores:
  • Bookstore, Teslina 7, Tel: +385 1 487 2586; e-mail: 
  • Bookstore and stationery, Importanne Center - Ante Starčević Square bb, Tel: +385 1 4573 048; e-mail: 
  • Art Point Center, Gundulićeva 21, Tel: +385 1 4854 909; e-mail:
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