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AGM performs publishing and gallery and exhibition activities. It has a thirty years of experience in publishing. Today about 10 specialized book collections represents the basis of AGM's publishing program. They encompass human sciences, fiction, nonfiction, lavish monographs, literary works for children and youth and similar.
This books, as well as publications by other Croatian publishers, may be obtained in AGM bookstores, as well as in AGM's web shop. Besides publishing, the important role in the City's cultural life also have two AGM galleries opened not only to established artists, but also those who are just looking for their place in the Croatian art scene. To all those involved in painting AGM offers all necessary materials, from brushes, artistic accessories and canvases to colors and top quality paper.
AGM is established in 1967 as a Center for cultural activity, intended for dealing primarily with musical and theatrical activities. Today its basic activity is publishing. In 1987 CKD becomes the part of Omladinski kulturni centar (OKC; Youth Cultural center), within which Zagrebačko kazalište mladih (ZKM; Zagreb Youth Theater), Radio 101 and OTV (Youth Television) are established. In the nineties, during transition to market economy, OKC is slowly being extinguished. First to exit from it was radio 101, then OTV and then Zagrebačko kazalište mladih. CKD is transformed into AGM, public company for artistic, publishing and information activities. In the beginning of January 2007 it becomes a subsidiary of Zagreb Holding d.o.o., while in 2013 it again separates as AGM d.o.o. for publishing and services. As of October 8, 2021, AGM again becomes a subsidiary of Zagreb Holding.

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Boris Sesar


Tel: +385 91 432 4252