An underground public garage on 4 floors opened at Sveti Duh Clinical Hospital

January 11, 2021 - A new public garage was opened this morning as part of the Sveti Duh Clinical Hospital, also the tenth public garage in Zagreb managed by Zagreb Holding - Zagrebparking subsidiary.

It is located on 4 underground floors with 477 parking lots and covers an area of ​​14,445 m2.

It is equipped with an automatic payment system and central management that allows you to pay for a parking ticket via SMS and the ZgPark mobile application. The system has built-in cameras to recognize license plates, allowing users to exit the garage without bringing a card to the terminal. This significantly reduces the time the vehicle exits the garage, and thus reduces CO2 emissions.

Within the garage, users have access to 10 charging stations for electric vehicles, family parking and parking for hybrid vehicles, and free parking for bicycles.

Zagreb Holding is an investor and is implementing and financing a project that includes the reconstruction of the Sveti Duh Clinical Hospital complex by upgrading the Day Hospital with an underground garage.

The construction of this garage solves a long-standing, key problem of parking needs of the entire hospital and the surrounding area (in the immediate vicinity are two schools, two kindergartens, a church, etc.). The new garage also has all the features of a green garage, and will undoubtedly contribute to the quality of parking services in the city of Zagreb, and thus the quality of life in our metropolis.

The price of parking will be 5 kuna for hourly parking, while the monthly subscription ticket will be 300 kuna.

On the occasion of the opening, free parking is provided for all users of the Sveti Duh public garage until the first of February 2021.