City Gasworks Zagreb -155th anniversary

31. October 2017.
Most of the citizens of Zagreb owe the warmth of their homes for the last 155 years to the branched gas distribution system of City Gasworks Zagreb, a company owned by Zagreb City Holding.  As the operator of the gas distribution system it provides the technical requirements for the operation, management and development of secure, reliable and efficient distribution system and oversees the design, construction and maintenance of the distribution system.

City Gasworks Zagreb d.o.o.  also keeps cadaster of ducts, performs technical testing and analyses, as well as inspection and calibration of the pressure regulators. Today it is a recognizable brand in Croatian energy sector as a leader in the distribution of gas in the Croatian region, since its operations are in line with European practice, which requires certain standards of quality, safety and security.
In 1862 a contract is concluded on construction of lighting gas factory. The first plants that used a process of dry distillation of wood were placed on the then outskirts of the city, on the corner of Gundulićeva and Hebrangova street (today the HEP building). On October 31st, 1863 the first facilities have been commissioned, enabling lighting up Zagreb streets and squares with 364 gas lights. The City Council in 1900 adopts a decision on buying off the gas works, when it becomes City Gasworks Zagreb d.o.o. In December of 1955 begins the supply of Zagreb with the natural gas. Since 1971 the methane is introduced – the replacement of existing city gas with natural gas. During the August of 1978, through the pipeline Zapad, comes the imported natural gas. Today City Gasworks Zagreb d.o.o. performs energy operations of gas distribution on the territory of the City of Zagreb, cities of Zaprešić and Velika Gorica and municipalities Pušća, Dubravica, Marija Gorica and Brdovec.

More than 275 thousand users are currently connected to the distribution system, consisting of more than 3,700 km of pipelines and connections. The strategic investments in the construction of the gas distribution system, openness to the international experiences (integration of TIS, GIS and SCADA) and modern concepts of gas distribution (smart grid) are the main determinants of the future development of City Gasworks Zagreb d.o.o.