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The basic mission of Zagrebplakat is improvement in outdoor advertising in the City of Zagreb. The definition of the present media, design and standardization of urban equipment and defining the position for placing the media are all taken into account.

In its first year of existence the company managed to bring balance to the market of outdoor advertising, and aims to position itself on the Croatian market, and later in the region.

In cooperation with the City of Zagreb, Zagrebplakat is working on a project to set up 600 marquees at the public transport stations, that will also be the part of the advertising network using city lights window cases.

Outdoor advertising media provide the citizens with faster information and the advertisers with easier presenting of information to larger target groups. In addition, the City looks more beautiful lit by colorful advertising content, and gets new facilities that help building the visual identity of the City. Standardization of outdoor advertising is one of the priorities for the City of Zagreb, and thus to the Zagrebplakat also.

Zagrebplakat d.o.o. started operating in 2008 and is closely specialized for outdoor billboard advertising services, city lights, big boards and guideposts on public surfaces and real estate owned by the City of Zagreb. At this moment it is the leader in outdoor advertising in the Zagreb area, aiming to introduce new forms of outdoor advertising and also standardize and unify means of advertising.


Members of the Management Board
Emilio Gašpić
Kruno Ian Bodegray

Tel: +3851 6311 200
Fax: +3851 6170 787