Humanitarian action “Insert a bottle cap for an expensive medicine!” in recycling yards

March 10, 2022
- As part of the support to the humanitarian action “Insert a bottle cap for an expensive medicine!”, all recycling yards in the city of Zagreb, managed by the Čistoća subsidiary, will also accept plastic bottle caps from this week on.

This is the result of a signed cooperation agreement with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society patients, within which the Zagreb Holding provides collection points and containers for collecting plastic bottle caps in 20 recycling yards in the city of Zagreb.

The humanitarian action is carried out throughout the Republic of Croatia, with the aim of collecting plastic bottle caps in an environmentally friendly way, and by selling which, the Society obtains money used for treatment, enabling families to stay near the place of treatment and financing the necessary medicines and medical aids.

All types of plastic bottle caps and lids are collected from water, juices, milk, yogurt, cheese, detergents, softeners, oils and the like.

All bottle caps collected in recycling yards, in accordance with the legal procedure, together with the accompanying documentation will be handed over to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, which further requests and hands over the collected plastic caps to authorized purchasers.

We would like to remind you that there are currently 10 fixed and 10 mobile recycling yards in the area of the city of Zagreb, and all of them are equipped with special containers in which citizens can bring bottle caps.

We invite you to donate your time, collect bottle caps, bring them to the nearest recycling yard and help those suffering from leukemia and lymphoma.