New Collective Agreement signed

Material rights of employees of Zagreb Holding increased

The negotiating committees of Zagrebački Holding and representative trade unions signed today the new Collective Agreement for workers in the trading company Zagrebački holding d.o.o., which successfully concluded the negotiations on increasing the material rights of workers and thus ensured social peace, as well as further business stability.
An increase in the base salary for all workers in the amount of 12% was agreed. The permanent supplement to the salary was increased to 150, 165 or 200 euros, depending on the complexity of the work group, and occasional awards and other receipts were increased up to the highest tax-free amounts.
The new collective agreement applies from March 1, 2024 and lasts until March 31, 2026.
The total additional funds that Zagrebački Holding will invest in the above-mentioned material rights of workers amount to EUR 13.1 million in 2024, which represents an increase of 10.6% in the annual mass of salaries and non-taxable payments.
By signing the new Collective Agreement, Zagrebački Holding showed social sensitivity and continued investing in its employees.
In addition to the already realized investments in equipment and machinery, investment in employees is an important element in raising the quality of services provided by Zagreb Holding.