New electric vehicles in the fleet of Zagreb Holding

July 20, 2020 - As of today, the employees of the subsidiary Zagrebparking will perform part of their regular work tasks on 15 new electric bicycles. This investment was realized within the program of co-financing electric vehicles, which was announced by the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency in May last year.
Zagreb Holding was among the first to apply with the project of purchasing 8 electric vehicles L7 category for the subsidiary City cemeteries, 2 electric vehicles M2 category for the subsidiary ZGOS and 15 electric bicycles for the subsidiary Zagrebparking.
The total value of the investment is HRK 2,129,469 including VAT. Based on the Decision on selection, from June 19, for direct co-financing of the purchase of energy efficient vehicles by providing subsidy funds, Zagreb Holding exercised the right to allocate subsidy funds in the total amount of HRK 383,000, of which HRK 320,000 for vehicles and HRK 63,000 for electri bicycles.

Electric vehicles for the subsidiary ZGOS were delivered at the end of last year, and new electric vehicles were presented by the subsidiary City cemeteries in March this year. They are primarily intended for the transport of visitors and are a quality reinforcement of the fleet of electric vehicles of the subsidiary, which consists of 17 electric cars with which so far free transport was performed in the Mirogoj cemetery from April to early November. The new vehicles are equipped with cabins and heating and will enable the transport of visitors and people with limited mobility in cemeteries throughout the year. Thanks to the purchased electric vehicles, this free service, in addition to the Mirogoj cemetery, will also be available to visitors to the Miroševac and Markovo polje cemeteries.


It should be reminded that Zagreb Holding, as a provider of services of general economic interest, is an important factor in the implementation of strategic plans and projects of the City of Zagreb, including the Action Plan for Energy Sustainable Development and Climate Change Adaptation - SECAP.

Among other things, the subsidiary Zagrebparking is responsible for activities in the transport sector, related to the development of infrastructure for the use of alternative, energy-efficient fuels for passenger cars. In addition to free charging stations, owners of electric and hybrid vehicles in public garages are provided with a reduction in the form of a reduction in the price of parking by 50% (does not apply to hourly-day, hourly-night and value tickets).

These and other measures for energy sustainable development and adaptation to climate change are part of a long-term process and plans aimed at improving the daily lives of citizens by implementing new activities that contribute to a sustainable future