In the action of cleaning Medvednica, 11 tons of waste were collected

April 20, 2021 - In the eco action of cleaning Medvednica, organized on Saturday, April 17, by the Public Institution Nature Park Medvednica, 150 volunteers participated, who cleaned five micro-locations in four large areas in the Park for five hours.

The collected waste was filled with 4 trucks for waste, while on the Zagorje side of Medvednica, waste was collected for almost two large containers for bulky waste, which is about 11 tons of various waste that was removed from nature as part of this action.

Such a large amount of waste dumped in nature indicates the need to spread awareness of the importance of nature conservation and further public education about the need for conscientious disposal of waste.

The Čistoća subsidiary (Waste management subsidiary) transported a total of 10,220 tons of waste from the following locations: Zelena Magistrala - 3,760 t, Retencija Kustošak and Kustošijanski macadam - 2,020 t, Pustakova, Gornje Vrapče near the ramp, Himper and Šestinski Lagvić - 2,860 t and Vukov dol - 1,580 t. All waste is properly disposed of and handed over to authorized recoveries for further disposal.

Let's not leave traces in nature

We would like to remind you that from April 2018 to the beginning of this year, the Čistoća subsidiary held more than 150 various educations and workshops for citizens. Among other things, about 100 public forums in local committees, about fifty educations at Zagreb's markets, parks and squares and shopping centers, and a number of other workshops as part of various programs and events.

Also, since 2018, ten different educational leaflets have been sent to the addresses of citizens, and two sponsored articles “Zagreb Recycling Guide” have been printed in edition of 40,000 copies. There are also various media projects and conferences and two educational games - Ekoforija and Ekodrom.

We appeal to our citizens to use recycling yards, of which there are currently 19 in the city of Zagreb, and the possibility of removing bulky waste from the doorstep twice a year, without paying a fee. We would like to remind you that educational activities are ongoing at the recycling yards, which are carried out under the common name “Small Schools of Čistoća”, along with which a survey on customer satisfaction with recycling yards services will be conducted.

If you are not sure how to dispose a household waste, and you can not find the answers on the website of Čistoća, you can always contact us at any time through the Call Center of Zagreb Holding on 072 500 400 and e-mail at

Let us be responsible and leave no traces in nature, except the traces of our feet.