Zagreb Holding was incorporated in 2007 in line with the Companies Act and is 100% owned by the City of Zagreb.

It consists of 12 subsidiaries that have taken over the operations of the former city owned-companies. Zagreb Holding also owns 5 companies and one institution and employs a total of about  7300 people.

The Company’s operations are grouped into five areas:
  • Utility service
  • Commercial service
  • Energy services
  • Public water supply and drainage service
  • Pharmacy
The Group provides a wide range of services that are grouped into business areas of utility, energy and market activities. It also provides services from the portfolio of public water supply and drainage and pharmacy activities.

The business area of ​​utility activities includes, among other things, regular maintenance of 114 hectares of public green areas, 2,589 kilometers of undisturbed roads, and daily maintenance of public purity, public wastewater collection facilities, 28 cemeteries and crematoriums, and public areas where motor vehicles are not allowed.
It also provides Coach Terminal services, public retail outlets, parking services in public areas and in public garages, as well as services of distribution telecommunication sewerage (DTK) and other communal infrastructure in the city of Zagreb.

The group also takes care of the maintenance of public passages, passageways, fountains and toilets and maintains one of the symbols of the city of Zagreb - Grički top.

Market activities include building and building management and maintenance services, construction and sale of apartments, publishing and exhibition activities, organization of travel and retirement of children and youth, catering and tourism, warehousing, warehousing, parking of freight vehicles and services of the Free Zone Zagreb, outdoor advertising and wholesale market services. Waste management, waste collection from households and the maintenance, protection, management, reconstruction and construction of regional and local roads and other public transport areas and the maintenance of road equipment are also included in the market activity.
The business area of ​​public water supply and public drainage includes collection, purification and distribution services, sewage services and related services, and the construction and maintenance of water supply and drainage networks.
Within the Group are also companies that carry out energy activities and provide gas distribution and supply services and the production of electricity from renewable energy sources.
As a special activity, the supply and development of medicines, supply of medical products, baby food, cosmetic and other health protection products are part of which the galenical and analytical laboratory work.

The Group's fundamental mission is to provide services of public interest efficiently and permanently with the utmost protection of the environment and the protection of the interests of the local community in which we operate.
Basic standards for providing these services are defined by laws and other numerous acts.
Aware of the responsibility of the citizens of Zagreb, we are continuously investing in improving the quality of public services, while respecting the principles of sustainable development, which is why standards of living in Zagreb are considerably higher than in other cities of the Republic of Croatia.

At the same time, we promote social dialogue within the society and enable our employees to acquire new advanced knowledge and skills.
By increasing the quality and scope of public services for the benefit of the citizens, the economy and the local government and self-government of the City of Zagreb, raising the standard of citizens, the competitiveness of the city economy and the reputation of the City of Zagreb in comparison to other cities, we realize the basic task of the Group: to provide citizens of Zagreb and the local community healthy,  pleasant and safe urban life - every day.

We enable a healthy, pleasant, and safe urban life for the citizens of Zagreb and the local community. 24 hours a day.

Our vision is to be a trusted member of Zagreb’s families and a positive energy in urban life.