Employees of the Zagreb Holding and the City Pharmacy of Zagreb were awarded the Medals of the City of Zagreb

I thank all the employees of Zagreb Holding for their exceptional contribution and commitment in this difficult period for our city and residents and congratulate the laureates, our colleagues of whom we are extremely proud - said the President of Zagreb Holding Ana Stojić Deban, on the occasion of the City of Zagreb Award.

May 31, 2020 - On the occasion of the Day of the City of Zagreb, May 31, in the presence of numerous dignitaries, in the Congress Hall of the Zagreb Fair was held the Zagreb Woman of the Year Award and the City of Zagreb Award and Medal to prominent individuals, associations, institutions and associations.

Among the laureates, who were awarded these valuable recognitions, are the employees of Zagreb Holding.

Due to his great commitment to work and willingness to help other people, the recognition of the City of Zagreb Awards was given to our colleague Josip Smiljčić, from the subsidiary Čistoća, who was seriously injured when he stopped a burglar from stealing while working in the afternoon shift. According to the director of the subsidiary Čistoća, Jure Leko, his colleague Josip is risking his life for the well-being of the citizens of our city, pride in his family and work environment.

For a significant contribution to the improvement and improvement of green areas, the Medal of the City of Zagreb was awarded to Stanko Dugi and Tomislav Vitković, workers in the subsidiary Zrinjevac.

Acknowledgments for contribution and support during the epidemic and after the earthquake

Recognitions, ie Medals of the City of Zagreb, were also awarded to our colleagues and professional services and the institution City Pharmacy of Zagreb, who distinguished themselves with their works in this difficult period.

For proactive action from the very beginning of the outbreak of COVID-19, the award was given to the Safety Service of Zagreb Holding and Branko Frančević, Occupational Safety Officer at the subsidiary Zagrebparking.

The subsidiary Zagrebparking also awarded the Service for removal and blocking vehicles, whose employees were available to the citizens of the city of Zagreb after the earthquake, moving their vehicles damaged in the earthquake free of charge to the locations of their choice.

The head of the overpass in the subsidiary Zagreb Roads, Dario Turković, and colleagues from the subsidiary Čistoća, Suad Hečimović and Vjekoslav Javorić, were awarded for their special engagement in work related to the elimination of the consequences of the earthquake.

The Medal of the City of Zagreb was also awarded to the Holding Center of Zagreb Holding and the institution City Pharmacy of Zagreb, which have been available to citizens 24 hours a day since the beginning of the epidemic and earthquake.

The Holding Center has provided a communication platform through which all Health Centers are networked to provide citizens with information and counseling support during the epidemic. The center also assists the citizens from the moment of the earthquake and organizes the necessary actions of operational or other competent services. In the month since the earthquake, as many as 38,593 calls have been recorded on special emergency lines, and the lines are still open. The Holding Center, among other things, receives applications from citizens for the inspection of facilities, ie the arrival of Structural engineer.

In the Galenic and Analytical Laboratory of the City Pharmacy Zagreb, in accordance with the new epidemiological requirements, a new galenic preparation "Dermsept" was created. Pharmacists, together with the teams, have made additional efforts to enable the supply of healthcare facilities, legal entities and the public with a new effective disinfectant. Also, City Pharmacy of Zagreb, in accordance with the recommended epidemiological measures and in difficult working conditions in facilities that were damaged in the earthquake in the core of Zagreb, provided pharmacy care to its residents in extended one-shift work, and five on-duty pharmacies worked as before from 0 to 24 hours.

The awards were presented to the winners by Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić. A special congratulation to the laureates, our colleagues of whom we are extremely proud, was sent by the President of the Management Board of Zagreb Holding Ana Stojić Deban, thanking all employees of Zagreb Holding for exceptional effort and contribution during this difficult period for the city and citizens of Zagreb.