The assembly of Zagreb holding announces a tender for the election of three members of the management board

June 28, 2021 - The Mayor of the City of Zagreb Tomislav Tomašević and deputies Danijela Dolenec and Luka Korlaet, as the Assembly of Zagreb Holding, decided to announce a tender for the election of three members of the Management Board of Zagreb Holding for a four-year term.

- Zagreb Holding is very important city company that provides numerous utilities in the city of Zagreb and over the next four years it will have a big task to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Holding has a major key role for raising the quality of life of all citizens of Zagreb, and we expect from candidates to be extremely motivated and ready to contribute and offer innovative solutions in line with our vision of Zagreb as greener, a more transparent and efficient city. As we announced earlier, we really want to see the best people in these places, which is why I invite all qualified and motivated to apply for the competition - said Mayor Tomašević when announcing the competition.

In addition to the conditions prescribed by Article 239, paragraph 2 of the Companies Act (Official Gazette no. 111/93, 34/99, 121/99, 52/00, 118/03, 107/07, 146/08, 137/09, 125/11, 152/11, 111/12, 68/13, 110/15 and 40/19), the candidate must also meet the following conditions:
  • completed graduate university study or integrated undergraduate and graduate university study or specialist graduate professional study or equivalent study of the relevant profession;
  • at least ten years of work experience in jobs that require an appropriate degree;
  • at least five years of work experience in management positions in the management of companies and / or other legal entities in one of the following areas: finance, restructuring, utilities or IT sector.
In addition to these conditions, candidates are expected to submit in their application a proposal for the development program of Zagreb Holding, which defines the strategic framework and the main activities that need to be undertaken to increase the efficiency and quality of services provided by Zagreb Holding.

The competition was published today on the websites of the City of Zagreb and Zagreb Holding at and at these addresses you can find a list of all documentation to be attached to the application that candidates should send by July 12, 2021.