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In the last 10 years the communication technologies have developed extensively, as a result of new technical solutions and intention of the communication operators to provide the end users with services to the extension and quality as much as possible.  Introducing new services also changes lifestyle of users. The foundation of the new information age is global interconnectivity, today unified in one word – broadband. With broadband the term "Triple Play" is also associated, meaning a convergent network with simultaneous transmission of speech, data and video in digitalized form. Triple Plays is today globally ubiquitous, so it is no wonder that it has its place in new communication services today in Croatia and the City of Zagreb.
Zagreb Holding d.o.o., subsidiary Zagreb Digital City, tries to provide all operators of public communication services with equal conditions for providing services on liberalized communication market, aiming at cheaper services. Likewise, no less important goal is to bring order to the common use of resources in electronic communications infrastructure and other related equipment.
The task of the subsidiary is: management and rental of cable ducts, construction and management of the local optical network (FTTH networks) in residential areas of the City of Zagreb.
Also, by the Decision of the management board of Zagreb Holding d.o.o., the subsidiary is empowered, with all rights and obligations, to maintain and manage electronic communication infrastructure and related equipment of the operators, which in particular means cable ducts and antenna posts in objects owned by Zagreb Holding d.o.o.
In 2006 the City Council of the City of Zagreb adopts a Decision on giving an opinion on establishing Zagreb Digital City and in the same year by the decision of the City Council all rights and obligations thereof have been transferred regarding use, maintenance, development and management of the

DTK system and other utility infrastructure on the territory of the City of Zagreb for laying telecommunication installations. In 2007 the City Council adopts a Decision on the amount of fee to be paid for the usage rights in DTK and other utility infrastructure. In 2007 the City Assembly of the City of Zagreb adopts a Decision by which the DTK and other utility services on the territory of the City of Zagreb are activities considered as municipal activities of urban significance.

The subsidiary has been registered with HAKOM (the competent regulatory authority) as an operator in infrastructure performing activities of electronic communication networks and services, such as: leasing electronic communication network and/or lines, giving access to and sharing of the electronic communications infrastructure and associated equipment; in the City Department for Cadaster and Geodetic Works ZDG is registered in the List of communication network operators.
In 2009 it takes over the management of electronic  communication infrastructure (ECI) and other related equipment from Holding, specifically cable ducts and antenna posts in objects owned by Zagreb Holding d.o.o., for the needs of installing and maintenance of electronic  communication equipment.
During its operations, the subsidiary Zagreb Digital City has concluded twenty contracts with public communication services operators on the access and use of the DTK system and on December 31st, 2013 there were 1,878,094.5 registered meters of rented DTK for laying electronic communication cables. With the operators in mobile network the contract were concluded on the right to install equipment in the premises owned by Zagreb Holding d.o.o. The construction of the complete electronic communication network in the settlement Novi Jelkovec has been completed, covering 2800 households and more than a hundred business and public buildings.
The construction of the optical distribution network (ODN), for which the quarter Vrbani III has been chosen as a part of the ODN pilot-project, covering 2400 end users: residential units, offices, schools, kindergartens and future facilities in the area. The whole network shall be constructed using micro tube and micro cable technologies, enabling maximal utilization of the existing cable ducts, simpler laying of tubes and cables and the subsequent management thereof.
Micro tubes will reach every entrance, where the main switchboard cabinet is installed, connecting the network with the installations in the building. The building installation will be carried out by laying micro tube structures that will lead to each end user.
The construction project of modern electronic communication network enables end users to freely choose one or more operators with various services, while satisfying needs of other utility companies (for example Vodoopskrba i odvodnja d.o.o., City Gasworks Zagreb d.o.o. and other).


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