13th Museum Night

25th January 2018.
Zagreb City Holding once again became involved in the Museum Night that is organized on Friday 26 January 2018 by The Croatian Museum Association. A large exhibition at the Zagreb Fair in Pavilions 7 and 7A will be placed on nearly 3,000 square meters of space.

Museum Night 2018 is being approached as a dynamic event with the Olympic motto “Museums and Sport – Faster, Higher, Stronger… Citius, Altus, Fortius.” The selection of sport as the theme for Museum Night in 2018 is aimed at promoting discussion on issues related to sporting collections and museums in Croatia. The inspiration arose from the current moment: the European Handball Championships will be held in Croatia from 12 to 28 January. In this sporting atmosphere, the Croatian Museum Association is sending a message to sports people, sports fans, museum experts and visitors alike: faster, higher, stronger!

Accordingly, Zagreb City Holding will feature the tradition of sporting activities of its employees for almost a century.

In order to establish a high-quality road link, there will also be extraordinarily bus line: from Mažuranić Square - Museum of Contemporary Art - Zagreb Fair, which will travel from Mažuranić Sqare every hour, beginning from 18 to 24 hours. From Zagreb fair buses will trevel every hour from 18.30 to 00.30.

The entrance is free!

Contacts for more: Muzej Mimara Rooseveltov trg 5, 10000 Zagreb, Tel: 091-2100-909 , E-mail: hmd@hrmud.hr ,URL: http://www.hrmud.hr