Modernization of the monitoring and management system of the water supply of the city of Zagreb

July 1, 2020 –  Since yesterday, the City of Zagreb has a modernized monitoring and management system of the water supply network and a dispatch center. It is about the realization of an investment value of 5 million kuna, our affiliated company Water Supply and Drainage Ltd. which improves business efficiency and increases the quality of customer service.
The modernized monitoring and management system is located at the location of E. Patačić, and in six to eight months the same center should be opened in Folnegovićeva Street.
According to Marin Galijot, director of Water Supply and Drainage Ltd. this new system is the brain, ie the heart of the water supply system management, in which all information will be collected and processed in order to achieve more rational management.
- The goal of all this is ultimately to reduce water losses. Also, I can proudly say that in the last two years we have a positive trend, ie a reduction of water loss by about 2%. - said the director of Water Supply and Drainage Ltd., who presented the new monitoring and management system with Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić on the eve of the 142nd anniversary of the establishment of the city water supply, which is celebrated on July 7.



As part of the modernization, the reconstruction and modernization of the spaces of the dispatch center was carried out, to which about 200 calls are received daily, and emergency interventions of the Water Supply Sector, in order to set the system to today's technological level.

The dispatch center is equipped with a video wall with six monitors, on which the condition of the pipeline is monitored in real time. Also, from the map of the entire water supply network of Zagreb and its surroundings, you can read various detailed data, such as the water level in reservoirs throughout the metropolis or check how, for example, the pumps located in one of the seven reservoirs work. As part of the modernization, the IT equipment was renewed, and all communication, network and electrical installations were reconstructed.

In the territorial area of ​​competence of Water Supply and Drainage Ltd. manages more than a hundred water supply facilities located in the area of ​​the city of Zagreb, Samobor, Sveta Nedelja and the municipality of Stupnik. The growing need for connectivity of professional services and the availability of data has increased the requirements for the control and management system and the need for changes and modernization of the dispatch center, as one of the key links of the water supply system.

Through this technical solution, and having in mind all aspects and specifics of the purpose of the supervisory management system, the speed and quality of administration and maintenance, as well as security and data availability and security of the entire supervisory management system will be solved and all this as a product of 142 years of work of public water supply and 128 years of public drainage in Zagreb.