Reconstruction of the parking lot on Strojarska cesta has been completed

October 30, 2020 - After an extensive reconstruction, which lasted a little over three weeks, the parking lot on Strojarska cesta near the Zagreb Bus Station is operational again today.

As part of the works, which began on October 6, the old asphalt was removed from the parking lot, and after the preparatory earthworks, the entire surface was re-asphalted.

New concrete curbs were also installed, drains and manholes were made, and the corresponding sewer pipes for storm water drainage were installed.

Horizontal signalization has also been drawn, and as of today, 89 arranged parking areas are available to users.

Horticultural landscaping was also arranged. As part of the reconstruction, the grass areas were arranged, two old ones were removed and five new trees were planted, which further improved the area.

The value of the performed works, which were fully realized with the capacities of Zagreb Holding, amounts more than HRK 634 thousand.