The project of upgrading and reconstruction of the Elementary school Jelkovec has been completed

September 15, 2020. - At the beginning of September, Zagreb Holding and the subsidiary Project Management completed another capital project for the City of Zagreb - the project of upgrading and reconstruction of the Jelkovec Elementary school. The implementation of this project has increased the educational standards of the existing school and ensured an after school care for primary school students.

The school is located within the residential area of ​​Novi Jelkovec. When it was built in 2009, it was the largest and most modern primary school in Zagreb. It was designed for 900 students in two shifts and an after school care, and a three-part sports hall measuring 2,022 square meters and an outdoor playground were built next to the school.

Ten years later, the school became too small for all students in the Novi Jelkovec settlement, and some students attended classes in the High school building. Work on the upgrade began in January this year, and over the next eight months, two new floors sprouted in the existing locker room of the sports hall. On a total area of ​​1,214.80 square meters, four classic classrooms were built on the first floor, four specialized classrooms on the second floor and other ancillary spaces (cabinets, storage rooms and toilets).

On Monday, September 14, the upgraded and reconstructed Jelkovec Elementary school was opened by the Mayor of the City of Zagreb, Milan Bandić, with a symbolic act of cutting the ribbon.

The value of the investment, including school equipment, amounts to HRK 16.1 million and was fully provided by Zagreb Holding.

As a reminder, since its founding in 2006, the Zagreb Holding has built six primary schools in the city of Zagreb, including the Jelkovec Elementary school. Zagreb Holding also built the Jelkovec High School with a swimming pool and a sports hall in 2014, and this year it is planned to start the implementation of the construction project of XII. Gymnasiums in Dubrava.
Osnovna škola Jelkovec nakon nadogradnje dobila je osam novih učionica