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City Gasworks Zagreb – Supply d.o.o. is the leader in supplying end users  connected to the gas distribution systems with natural gas in the Republic of Croatia. The core operation of this company 100% owned by Zagreb Holding is public service of supply with the natural gas, guaranteed supply, sale of pressurized gas used as motor vehicle fuel (CNG) and supplying other customers with natural gas.

City Gasworks Zagreb – Supply d.o.o. cares for continuous reduction of business expenses, optimization of business operations, increase in number of customers for the natural gas on existing and other distribution areas in the Republic of Croatia and increase in revenue and profit of the Company.

Special attention is given to the improvement in business relations with natural gas customers, stimulating natural gas consumption, education of customers in efficient use of natural gas and computerization of business processes.
The Company City Gasworks Zagreb –  Supply d.o.o. has been established on April 24th, 2008 by the company City Gasworks d.o.o., based on the Gas Market Act (NN 40/07) and Directive 2003/55/EC, stipulating the obligation for separating gas supply business activity from gas distribution as a basic precondition for market liberalization for natural gas on the territory of the Republic of Croatia and alignment with the acquis communautaire. Following the guidelines of the Gas Market Act, the Contract on the transfer of shares of November 24th, 2008, the owner of City Gasworks Zagreb –  Supply d.o.o. becomes Zagreb Holding d.o.o. On May 8th, 2009 a permission for Performing energy activity of gas supply has been obtained from HERA (Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency).

At the beginning of July 2012 the free online service MOJ RAČUN (My Account) has been introduced on the web portal, intended for all natural gas customers. With the opening of this channel of communication with our customers, it is possible to establish a user profile showing information on the gas consumption, reviewing readouts and estimated consumption from the gas meter, display of actual owing and payments, option for calculating real  and estimated gas consumption during the prepayment periods using the prepayment installments calculator, and selection of a way for receiving bills and prepayment installments by email.

City Gasworks Zagreb – Supply d.o.o. implemented a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard for the processes of natural gas trade and sale of compressed natural gas.


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