The Consumer Complaints Committee

The Consumer Complaints Committee was set up by a decision of the President of the Management Board on 23 November 2015 as a second-instance body for the resolution of consumer complaints. These are the Members:
  • Blaženka Vlahović (Zagreb City Gasworks), Member and Chair
  • Tomislav Lončar (Croatian Consumer Protection Association), Member and Deputy Chair
  • Sanja Kumpar (Waste management), Member
  • Sanja Horvat-Janković (Waste management), Member
  • Karolina Mokos (Water Supply and Drainage), Member
  • Damir Komerički (Zagreb City Gasworks – Supply), Member
  • Mato Dabčević (Association “Consumer”), Member
  • Silvio Sedinić (Water Supply and Drainage), Deputy Member
  • Andrea Brkić (Waste management), Deputy Member
  • Igor Vujović (Association “Consumer”), Deputy Member
  • Zdenka Kocmur (Croatian Consumer Protection Association), Deputy Member
  • Miroslav Glišić (Zagreb City Gasworks- Supply), Deputy Member
  • Suzana Jureško (Zagreb City Gasworks), Deputy Member
  • Lucija Bilanović (Waste management), Deputy Member

The citizens can write to the Committee at Zagreb Holding, Ulica grada Vukovara 41, attn. Committee Secretary Tanja Kezelj Liović or at, call them at 01/ 6420-038 or fax them at 01/6429 029.

Read more about the Committee’s scope of work in the Rules of Procedure.