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Zagreb Arena, Arena Zagreb



The subsidiary is specialized in organizing events and concerts and managing hall Arena Zagreb.

The capacity of 20 thousand visitors makes the Arena Zagreb an ideal space for concerts, theater plays and other cultural spectacles, which significantly contribute to the new cultural and social dimension of the City, as well as of the Croatia as a whole.

The Zagreb Arena has one big and one small hall for organizing all types of sports events: handball, basketball, volleyball, five-a-side soccer, gymnastics, tennis, table tennis, boxing, wrestling, karate, taekwondo, judo, weightlifting, indoor athletics, activities on ice and other indoor sports.

In addition, in the areas of Zagreb Arena there is a possibility of organizing various kinds of trade fairs, conferences, exhibitions, and it is possible to rent a hall and provide catering services.

150 of total number of seats are for the people with special needs. The Arena has around 950 parking spaces, mainly in the underground garage, and there are additional 38 parking spaces for buses, for organized visits.

The largest sports hall in Croatia, with gross area of 90,500m2, has been constructed in 2008 for the event of World handball championship, when more than 22,500 visitors attended the opening ceremony on January 17th, 2009. The construction of the Arena started on July 21st, 2007, and lasted for a total of 503 days.


p.p. Sretan Šarić

Tel: +3851 6420 900
Fax: +3851 6420 909