City Cemetery has expanded its portfolio of market services

February 28, 2022 - In addition to investing in the quality and improvement of services from the core business, the subsidiary City Cemetery is making efforts to modernize other parts of the business. In the past few months, the portfolio of market services in the field of subsidiary’s work has been expanded with new services, some of which are realized in cooperation with subsidiaries and other partners.

One of the new services is the publication of an online obituary on the website, which has been available since November last year. The service can be contracted at the burial offices at the Mirogoj and Markovo polje cemeteries and via e-mail: . The price of the service is HRK 62.50 including VAT. 

From January this year, stonemasonry works can be contracted in the subsidiary. The service refers to the production of tombstones, space for urns and grouting joints of tombstones, and repairs to existing tombstones. More detailed information on the phone number +385 1 4696 703 and at

We would also like to remind you that the City Cemetery subsidiary offers the services of arranging and maintaining grave sites, placing flower arrangements and lanterns at the desired grave site. Machine washing and cleaning of grave sites, monthly and annual maintenance, and lighting of lanterns during the day or on special occasions are also available. Services are available at the cemeteries: Mirogoj, Miroševac, Gaj urni (Crematorium). Contacts: +385 91 4581 061 or

All these services soon will be available for order through the web shop that is under construction.

Also, through the website of the City Cemetery subsidiary, visitors can get information about the deceased and the date and place of burial.