Introduction of special safety measures to the prevention of COVID-19 pandemic

11/15/2021 – Regarding the accelerated spread and increased risk of COVID-19 disease transmission, a special safety measure of mandatory testing for SARS-CoV-2 virus was introduced in accordance with the Decision on the introduction of a special safety measure of mandatory testing of officials, civil servants and employees, civil servants and employees in local (and regional) self-government and employees of companies and institutions (hereinafter: the Decision), adopted on 12 November 2021.

According to the Decision, during entry into the premises of Zagreb Holding, including the Holding Center and other subsidiaries, customers need to present one of the following certificates to the authorized person by the employer:
  • EU digital COVID certificate or other appropriate evidence of vaccination
  • negative rapid antigen COVID test not older than 48 hours
  • negative PCR COVID test not older than 72 hours
  • certificate from the primary health care doctor about the recovery within 12 months, the so-called “probable case”, ie persons who had been diagnosed with COVID patients in the family and had contacts with these patients and their disease was not diagnosed by a laboratory test
  • certificate from a primary health care doctor on the recovery of persons diagnosed with COVID-19 disease by PCR test more than 6 months ago and less than 12 months or by PCR test not older than 12 months
  • a certificate from a primary care doctor on the recovery of persons who have recovered from COVID-19 disease and have been diagnosed with PCR, BAT test or were so-called “probable case”, and have been vaccinated with a single dose of vaccine within 8 months of recovery and no more than 12 months after receiving the first dose; or by finding a positive PCR test on a single dose of COVID-19 vaccine where the date of vaccination is within 8 months of recovery and no more than 12 months have passed since vaccination.
Persons exempted from presenting one of these certificates are persons accompanying a person who cannot take care of themselves and persons who have contraindications to vaccination or for completing vaccination with any vaccine against COVID-19, evidenced by a medical certificate.

During their stay in the official premises of Zagreb Holding, persons are obliged to comply with all prescribed anti-epidemic measures, special recommendations and instructions of the Croatian Institute of Public Health and security measures introduced by the Decision.