New electric tricycles for a cleaner city

October 8, 2020 - As of today, the subsidiary Čistoća has 30 new electric tricycles which, together with 296 mechanically powered tricycles and 6 electric tricycles procured in 2017, will be used to maintain the cleanliness of public transport areas in the city of Zagreb. It is a 100 percent Croatian product and innovation of the Zagreb company Viking Ltd. The new tricycle is a combination of a truck and an environmentally friendly vehicle, ideal for transporting bins of small waste on busy city streets in a short time.

Workers will test the new electric tricycle throughout the year on a variety of operational tasks and in all operating conditions. With the highest possible payload, which can be adjusted up to 500 kilograms, the tricycles can reach a speed of 25 km / h, and after charging they can withstand up to 6 hours of driving. They enable greater mobility and mobility, and they are also characterized by the ability to overcome hills under load.
The value of this investment is 790 thousand kuna.

Let us remind you that the subsidiary Čistoća, as part of the implementation of the Program for cleaning and washing public traffic areas where motor vehicle traffic is not allowed, last year cleaned a total of 986,643,772 square meters of public traffic areas.

Of this, our employees manually cleaned 634.3 million square meters, which is more than 1.7 million square meters of cleaned public traffic areas per day.