Assistance provided to citizens and repair of earthquake damage

December 30, 2020 - A devastating earthquake, which hit the area of ​​Sisak-Moslavina County, caused material damage in the Zagreb area as well. In coordination with the competent city offices, immediately after the earthquake, the utility services of Zagreb Holding and the teams of companies City Gasworks Zagreb and Water Supply and Drainage went on the site.

Gas systems in hospitals and kindergartens were inspected, and during the day the facilities on the system (gas reduction stations, block, odorization, distribution, telemetry and larger industrial stations), crossings over watercourses, odorant storage were inspected. The Arena hall was also inspected, which is safe and where a large number of covid patients from Sisak and Petrinja were admitted to the hospital.

Our utilities cleaned about 190 tons of rubble from the city streets, which were then also cleaned of small debris and washed. 477 traffic lights were also checked because a significant number stopped working after the earthquake.

On free telephone lines more than 5,000 assistances to citizens 

In the first minutes after the earthquake, free lines 0800-8802 and 0800-8805 were activated in the Call Center of Zagreb Holding, on which about 2,700 calls from citizens who needed help or necessary assistance from city services. Tonight, Call Center agents have answered more than 5,000 calls.

In coordination with the employees of the City Office for Physical Planning, Construction of the City, Utility Services and Transport, our employees are also engaged in urgent inspections and recording of damage caused by the earthquake. An urgent inspection of the main traffic routes, bridges and overpasses was performed, and no significant damage has been identified so far.

Zagreb Holding also joined the activities of the City of Zagreb to help Petrinja. Our trucks are engaged in the transport of containers and firefighting equipment from Zagreb to Petrinja, while the Water Supply and Sewerage sent two tankers to the Petrinja area today to transport healthy drinking water. Further activities on the delivery of water cisterns and participation in the reconstruction of both the water pumping station and the networks in Petrinja, company Water Supply and Drainage will be realized in agreement with Hrvatske vode (the Croatian Waters) and Privreda Ltd. for public water supply in Petrinja.

About 50 vehicles (grabs, lifters) are on standby, as well as workers who will, if necessary and in coordination with the competent city services, head to the cities and villages in the Sisak-Moslavina County affected by the earthquake.
IMPORTANT! We remind citizens that current information on the status of all services of Zagreb Holding and other public services in the city of Zagreb is available on the website of the Holding Center, and customer support is provided 24 hours a day on the phone 072 500 400, via chat, WhatsApp, Viber and social media.