Share of women in management positions, above the Croatian and EU average

March 8, 2021 - For more than a century today, we express our gratitude and respect to women who throughout history have pushed the boundaries of freedom with their courage and perseverance, fought for equality and thus corrected the injustice and discrimination to which women were exposed.

Thanks to their struggle, today we can say that we are a society in which no form of discrimination is tolerated and in which everyone has equal rights regardless of gender.

The principles of ethical conduct, which in particular exclude discrimination on any grounds and in any form, are incorporated in the basic documents of our company, such as the Code of Ethics and the Collective Agreement.

Due to the nature of the services we provide, women in Zagreb Holding are in the minority - they make up only a quarter of employees. However, we can boast that in terms of the share of women in management positions, Zagreb Holding significantly differs from the Croatian and EU average - 75 percent of the highest management positions in the Management Board of Zagreb Holding are women, while the share of women in other management positions is balanced at 50 percent.

Women in Zagreb Holding work on almost all jobs, from maintenance to the highest level of management, and International Women's Day is more than a good opportunity to report on our two colleagues, both in management positions, who have tied their careers to Zagreb Roads.

It is a subsidiary in which, due to the nature of the services it provides, the so-called male occupations. Only 14 percent of the total number of employed are women, but 25 percent are women in management positions.

What it is like to work in one such business activities and how male colleagues accept women as bosses, read in the reports below.

Congratulations on International Women's Day to all our colleagues!

Four decades of loyalty to Zagreb Roads


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The quality of Zagreb's asphalt is in the safe hands of a Doctor of Science

Nana Novak Coumbassa, Head of the Asphalt Laboratory, is a Doctor of Science who replaced her career as a senior assistant and research novice at the Ruđer Bošković Institute in 2005 with a position as a technologist in the laboratory of the Zagreb Roads asphalt base.

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