An additional amount of HRK 1.6 million was approved to City Gaswork Zagreb for the project to improve cybernetic security

December 10, 2021 - The European Commission and City Gaswork Zagreb agreed to co-finance another project to strengthen information security. The project “Improving the cyber security of network systems” is valuable 210,289 Euros, or slightly less than 1.6 million Kuna, and is an upgrade to two previously approved projects.

All three projects are 75% co-financed under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF Telekom), a fund for investment in EU digital infrastructure projects in the fields of transport, energy and digital technology.

According to Miroslav Živko, acting Director of City Gaswork Zagreb, following trends is necessary for the key service of secure gas supply to consumers, and investing in the digitalization of business and supporting systems for protection against cyber risks among the priorities in business.

- For now, we have 100% success in applications for non-refundable co-financing, which motivates us to continue developing projects of this type - said M. Živko.

More than million euros of grants for cyber security projects

Considering the number of end customers and the amount of gas distributed, City Gaswork Zagreb is the largest Croatian gas distributor and is recognized by the Cyber ​​Security Act as an operator of key services where a high level of cyber security is required.
A year ago, when the process of capacity improvement began, City Gaswork Zagreb managed to realize more than one million Euros of funds co-financed by CEF Telekom through a package of three projects.

CEF Telekom is a fund that contributes to the development of the European Union’s digital single market by investing in Member States’ digital infrastructures, with the aim of strengthening cooperation and stakeholder capacity for the EU's cybersecurity strategy.