Zagrebački holding d.o.o. (Zagreb Holding) was founded in 2006 to unit the forces, knowledge and experience of the companies owned by the City of Zagreb in order to provide a better service to citizens.

Zagreb Holding is based on a tradition of provision of municipal services reaching back deep into the 19th century. Since that time, the municipal companies owned by the City of Zagreb have excelled in introducing new technologies and working practices for municipal services in this part of Europe.

The most important dates in the development of the Company, its branches and dependent companies:

1862. The first public gas lighting ceremoniously switched on, on 31st October marked the beginning of the work of the Zagreb municipal company – Plinara (Gasworks).
1876. The Gradska groblja (City Graveyards) founded
1878. 7th July, the public city water mains begin work
1890. 8th October the rack and pinion railway started work, the first public transport in Zagreb
1891. 5th September, ceremonial beginning of the work of the first horse-drawn tramway, the beginning of organized public city transport
1892. The beginning of work to build the sewer system
1893. Gradska vrtlarija (the City Gardens Company) founded, today’s Zrinjevac
1909. Zagrebački velesajam (Zagreb Fair) began work as a modern trade fair destination
1928. The City Administration founded the company Tržnice Zagreb (Zagreb Markets)
1930. 1st September, Dolac market ceremoniously opened, as the largest, best known and most important market in Zagreb
1947. Čistoća (City Waste Disposal) founded to take care of municipal hygiene
The Assembly of the People’s Committee of the City of Zagreb founded the company Cestogradnja – city company for low level construction in Zagreb (Road Construction)
1952. The People’s Committee of the City of Zagreb founded the institution Cesta (Road) to take over all the work of Cestogradnja
1953. By a decision of the People’s Committee of the City of Zagreb, on 21st April the company Skladište (Warehouse) was founded, today’s Robni terminali Zagreb (Goods Terminals)
The Croatia Society of Film Workers founded the company Zagreb Film
1961. 17th November Autobusni kolodvor Zagreb (Zagreb Bus Station) was founded
1962. The City Assembly founded the company Vladimir Nazor as an institution to organize leisure time for children and young people 1964 Within the company Cesta (Road) the Winter Services office was founded and for the first time a unified plan was formed for clearing snow in the City of Zagreb 1965 The company Centar (Centre) was founded to provide car parking services for citizens
1964. u poduzeću Cesta formirana je Uprava Zimske službe te je prvi put uspostavljen jedinstven plan čišćenja snijega za Grad Zagreb
1966. The institution Ljekarna Zagreb (Zagreb Pharmacy) was founded
1990. The Gradsko komunalno gospodarstvo d.o.o. (GSKG - the City Housing and Municipal Services Company) was founded 1998 ZGOS d.o.o. founded to improve the Prudinec/Jakuševec municipal waste disposal site
2005. On 20th December the City Assembly of the City of Zagreb rendered a decision to transfer the founders’ rights and business shares of 23 companies from the City of Zagreb to the City Housing and Municipal Services Company – GSKG - which took on the function of a holding company.
2006. In January the work of the GSKG began

On the basis of a decision by the City Administration of 16th March, the company Zagrebački digitalni grad d.o.o. (Zagreb Digital City) was founded

On 15th May the company Zagreb plakat d.o.o. was founded

On 3rd July 11 companies within the Holding lost their status as legal entities and became branches of the Holding

7th September the branch Stanogradnja (Housing Construction) was founded.
2007. 1st January the Company changed its name to Zagrebački holding d.o.o.

In January Tehnološki park Zagreb (Zagreb Technology Park) became a branch

12th February the branch Veletržnica (Wholesale Market) joined the branch Tržnice Zagreb (Zagreb Markets)

29th June Zagreb Holding returned to the city its share in Vodoprivreda Zagreb d.o.o. (Zagreb Waterworks)

18th July the branches Zagreb Film and Zoološki vrt (Zagreb Zoo) separated and were returned to the City as institutions

20th July the company Zagreb Arena d.o.o. was founded

The branch Upravljanje sportskim objektima (Sports Facilities Management) was founded

AGM became part of Zagreb Holding
2008. 1st June Zagreb Technology Park became Razvojna agencija Zagreb – TPZ d.o.o. (Zagreb Development Agency)

24th April Gradska plinara Zagreb d.o.o. (Zagreb City Gasworks) founded the company Gradska plinara Zagreb – Opskrba d.o.o. (Zagreb City Gasworks – Supplies)

The company Zagreb centrum d.d. was founded for real estate business

Zagrebačko investicijsko društvo d.o.o. (Zagreb Investment Company) was founded to manage investment funds.

Zagreb Holding today has 16 branches, 7 commercial companies and one institution.