A new branch office of the Holding Center has opened in Dubec
November 19 2020
As of today, a new branch office of the Holding Center is available to users of Zagreb Holding's services within the Dubec market. It is adapted for access by people with mobility difficulties and will work on weekdays and Saturdays.
Change in the management of the City Cemetery, subsidiary of Zagreb Holding
November 10 2020
The current director of the City Cemeteries subsidiary, Patrik Šegota, has resigned as director of the subsidiary. Until the appointment of the new management, the acting director of the subsidiary will be Roko Gruja.
144th anniversary of the Mirogoj city cemetery
November 6 2020
The first cemetery owned by the city administration - Mirogoj, was officially opened on November 6, 1876. Today is known as one of the most beautiful European cemeteries and has been one of the unmissable destinations for sightseeing tours of Zagreb for years.
Reconstruction of the parking lot on Strojarska cesta has been completed
October 30 2020
As part of extensive works, 89 parking spaces and green areas have been arranged, and the space has been enriched by planting new trees. The value of the performed works, which were fully realized with the capacities of Zagreb Holding, amounts more than HRK 634 thousand.
New electric tricycles for a cleaner city
October 15 2020
As of today, the subsidiary Čistoća has 30 new electric tricycles with a total value of 790 thousand kuna, which are used for street cleaning. It is a 100% Croatian product and innovation, which is a combination of truck and ecological vehicle.
October 2 2020
The first half of the business year 2020 was marked by the negative effects of the coronavirus epidemic on business, but also by a 26.5 percent increase in investments and new projects for which more than 3 million Euros in grants have been approved since the beginning of the year.
New credit ratings of Zagreb Holding
October 2 2020
The international credit rating agency Moody's affirmed on Wednesday Zagreb Holding Ba2 credit rating, while Standard & Poor's downgraded its credit rating to B- in a credit opinion issued yesterday, while maintaining a stable outlook.
The twentieth recycling yard opened in the city of Zagreb
October 1 2020
A new mobile recycling yard was opened in the Podsljeme City District today, the second recycling yard in this city district and the twentieth recycling yard in the city of Zagreb where citizens can hand over more than 30 different types of waste free of charge.
The project of upgrading and reconstruction of the Elementary school Jelkovec has been completed
September 15 2020
The realization of this project has increased the educational standard of the existing Primary school in Novi Jelkovec and ensured an after school care for primary school students.
Zagreb City Gasworks approved HRK 2.3 million to strengthen cyber security
September 3 2020
The contract with the Executive Agency for Innovation and Networks (INEA), co-financed 75 percent of the project amount worth more than 3.1 million kuna.