From this week will recycling yards also work on Sundays
February 9 2021
From this week, all recycling yards, fixed and mobile, will also be open on Sundays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. This is part of the activities of the city's communal services, which are included in the decision to intensify the quality and availability of communal services within the existing epidemiological measures.
Zagreb Holding at the Tax Policy Conference in the Post-Pandemic Period
January 30 2021
At the 4th Tax Conference, which brought together experts and business people on the topic: Tax Policy in the Post-Pandemic Period, President of the Zagreb Holding, Ana Stojić Deban spoke at the panel: New Generation Tax Policy on the impact of tax policy on public companies.
Green public garages protect the environment and contribute to sustainable mobility
January 26 2021
Free charging stations for electric vehicles, parking lots for owners of hybrid and electric vehicles with guaranteed preferential parking prices and environmentally and energy efficient lighting are part of the green standards of public garages managed by the Zagrebparking subsidiary.
January 11 2021
Within the garage, users have access to 477 parking lots with 10 charging stations for electric vehicles, family parking and parking for hybrid vehicles, and free parking for bicycles. The construction of this garage solves a long-standing, key problem of parking needs of the entire hospital and the surrounding area.
Assistance provided to citizens and repair of earthquake damage
December 30 2020
After big earthquake, which caused material damage in the area of ​​Zagreb, our communal services and the teams of companies City Gasworks Zagreb and Water Supply and Drainage immediately went to the site. Zagreb Holding also joined the activities of the City of Zagreb to help Petrinja.
December 16 2020
City Gasworks Zagreb – Supply Ltd. is, in addition to retaining the existing distribution areas in Zagreb and Bjelovar, determined by the HERA Decision as a public service provider in 11 new distribution areas covering as many as 9 counties.
Ana Stojić Deban, the President of the Management Board, has been ranked as the second most powerful woman in Croatian business
December 3 2020
This is a list of 300 most powerful business women in Croatia, according to the weekly magazine Lider, based on their managerial power and some “soft” criteria, such as the impact on the business environment and the overall importance for the economy.
Project final conference was held: “Put the right thing in the right place”
December 2 2020
The program of educational and informative activities on sustainable waste management of the City of Zagreb, which has been implemented since the beginning of 2019, is co-financed by the EU within the Operational Program “Competitiveness and Cohesion”, with HRK 3.6 million in grants.
Moody's upgraded the credit rating of the City of Zagreb and Zagreb Holding
November 19 2020
Moody’s upgraded the rating of the long-term credit rating of the City of Zagreb and Zagreb Holding to Ba1 from Ba2 on Tuesday, November 17, with a change in the outlook from stable to positive.
A new branch office of the Holding Center has opened in Dubec
November 19 2020
As of today, a new branch office of the Holding Center is available to users of Zagreb Holding's services within the Dubec market. It is adapted for access by people with mobility difficulties and will work on weekdays and Saturdays.