Spend saturday in nature and the action of cleaning the nature park Medvednica
April 16 2021
This is a one-day action of cleaning wild landfills in the Nature Park, for which Zagreb Holding traditionally provides support from the Čistoća subsidiary in the form of organizing the removal and disposal of collected waste.
Our year since the earthquake in Zagreb
March 22 2021
Shortly after the earthquake, we engaged all available resources and hired the maximum number of workers who were available to citizens 24 hours a day for as long as needed. We also adopted a number of measures aimed at assisting citizens and businesses in repairing the aftermath of the earthquake.
Renovation of the Črnomerec bus terminal completed
March 20 2021
At the beginning of this week, extensive renovation works of the bus terminal in Črnomerec district were completed. As part of the works, with a total value of HRK 7.7 million, 12.9 thousand square meters of pavements and sidewalks were arranged, new canopies and two sanitary containers were installed, and public lighting and communal infrastructure were modernized.
Containers for separate waste collection obtained through the environmental protection and energy efficiency fund
March 18 2021
In 2021, Zagreb Holding - subsidiary Čistoća started replacing old containers and installing new ones for separate waste collection obtained within the project “Procurement of containers for separate collection of municipal waste".
Share of women in management positions, above the Croatian and EU average
March 8 2021
Due to the nature of the services we provide, women in Zagreb Holding are in the minority - they make up only a quarter of employees. However, we can boast that in terms of the share of women in management positions, Zagreb Holding significantly differs from the Croatian and EU average.
The quality of zagreb's asphalt is in the safe hands of a doctor of science
March 8 2021
On the occasion of the International Women's Day, we present Nana Novak Coumbassa, Head of the Asphalt Laboratory. She is a Doctor of Science who replaced her career as a senior assistant and research novice at the Ruđer Bošković Institute in 2005 with a position as a technologist in the laboratory of the Zagreb Roads asphalt base.
Four decades of loyalty to Zagreb roads
March 8 2021
On the occasion of the International Women's Day, we present Anđa Zirdum, Head of Material Accounting at the Zagreb Roads subsidiary, who is celebrating 42 years of working this year.
From this week will recycling yards also work on Sundays
February 9 2021
From this week, all recycling yards, fixed and mobile, will also be open on Sundays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. This is part of the activities of the city's communal services, which are included in the decision to intensify the quality and availability of communal services within the existing epidemiological measures.
Zagreb Holding at the Tax Policy Conference in the Post-Pandemic Period
January 30 2021
At the 4th Tax Conference, which brought together experts and business people on the topic: Tax Policy in the Post-Pandemic Period, President of the Zagreb Holding, Ana Stojić Deban spoke at the panel: New Generation Tax Policy on the impact of tax policy on public companies.
Green public garages protect the environment and contribute to sustainable mobility
January 26 2021
Free charging stations for electric vehicles, parking lots for owners of hybrid and electric vehicles with guaranteed preferential parking prices and environmentally and energy efficient lighting are part of the green standards of public garages managed by the Zagrebparking subsidiary.