City Cemetery has expanded its portfolio of market services
March 3 2022
In addition to investing in the quality and improvement of core business services, the City Cemetery subsidiary is also making efforts to modernize other parts of its business. In the past few months, the portfolio of market services in the field of subsidiary’s work has been expanded with new services, some of which are realized in cooperation with subsidiaries and other partners.
Zagreb Holding Group in 2022: Stabilization, transformation and development
February 3 2022
Stabilization of business, transformation of the organization and focus on sustainability and business development are the three key goals to which the Management Board of Zagreb Holding will attend to in 2022, said the President of the Management Board of Zagreb Holding, Ivan Novaković, at today’s press briefing.
New appointments of subsidiary managers, director and management Board member
February 1 2022
Based on public tenders published on 16 and 23 November 2021, the Management Board of Zagreb Holding Ltd. made a decision on the election of 9 subsidiary managers, one director and member of the Management Board of affiliated companies – City gasworks Zagreb Ltd. and Zagreb plakat Ltd.
New services for users in AGM bookstore and Holding center from february
January 31 2022
As of February 1, the system payment slip of Zagreb Holding will be able to be paid without payment fees in the bookstores of AGM, Teslina 7 and Importanne centar. At the same time, a new office of the Vladimir Nazor travel agency is opening in the Holding Center, at Ulica grada Vukovara 41.
Subsidiary Čistoća is professional partner in the ZEEWASTE4EU project
December 22 2021
The project started in November this year and its aim is to encourage and create awareness of the importance of prevention and reduction of food waste and promote education of all stakeholders related to sustainable waste management and raise awareness of household food consumption.
An additional amount of HRK 1.6 million was approved to City Gaswork Zagreb for the project to improve cybernetic security
December 10 2021
One year ago, when the process of improving the capacity of cyber security began, City Gaswork Zagreb managed to obtain more than one million Euros in co-financed funds from CEF Telekom through a package of three projects
November 30 2021
The Assembly of Zagreb Holding, at its session held on 30 November 2021, passed a decision appointing Dubravko Karačić as a new member of the Management Board for the period from 13 December 2021 to 15 September 2025.
November 25 2021
According to the Decision of the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia of 12 November 2021, during entering the premises of Zagreb Holding, including the Holding Center and other subsidiaries, customers and employees must present an EU digital certificate or other appropriate evidence to the authorized person, otherwise, it is not allowed enter or stay in the official premises.
Revocation of members of the Management Board and change of function of a member of the Management Board
October 4 2021
At today’s session, Assembly of the company Zagreb Holding Ltd. recalled the members of the Management Board, Nikola Vuković and Ante Samodol, as of today. It also made a decision to change the position of a member of the Management Board Ivan Novaković, and on October 4, 2021, he was appointed as President of the Management Board.
New roof and solar panels on Gorica garage
September 28 2021
With the installation of solar panels, the roof of the public garage Gorica will produce almost 50 percent of the electricity needed to operate the garage during the year. The use of electricity produced from renewable and clean sources will also reduce CO2 emissions by 46 percent.