International Women's Day
March 8 2019
International Women's Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8 every year. It is a focal point in the movement for women's rights. Let your life be full of success, happiness and love!
The end phase of the plinification of settlements in Žitnjak
March 7 2019
Around 6659 meters of gas pipeline will be built, which will ensure the connection of about 150 households to the gas network in the settlements Struge and Bogdani.
Separate collection of bio-waste
March 7 2019
In brown bio-waste tanks we will separate kitchen waste like fruit and vegetable residues and bark, egg shells, coffee precipitators, tea bags, bread remains, salad leaves, blitve, kelly, garden or green waste and small amounts of other bio-waste.
Ministry confirms: Prudinec-Jakuševec landfill among the most regulated in Croatia
February 4 2019
Waste is disposed of in a sanitary manner and the landfill meets the conditions for continuing operations until the opening of the Waste Management Center.
Bulky waste removal according to citizens' wishes
January 28 2019
Zagreb City Holding upgrades the bulk waste removal service and allows citizens to order the truck cleanliness in front of the doorstep whenever they want throughout the year.
Traffic information
January 23 2019
Each crew is equipped with a radio connection and mobile telephone connection, and all 292 crews are equipped with GPS devices. Information about the Winter Road Maintenance Department: 0800 2554 and 072 500 400.

Information module for co-owner representatives available on the ZGH e-service interface
January 10 2019
Information module for co-owner representatives of residential buildings maintained by GSKG is now available is available on the e-Services interface of Zagreb City Holding.
Working hours at Christmas and New Year
December 24 2018
On Tuesday and Wednesday, 25. and 26. of December and on Tuesday and Sunday, 1. and 6. of January 2019. Zagreb city markets will be closed.
December 18 2018
Zagreb Markets subsidiary organizes an occasional sale of Christmas trees at 46 locations in Zagreb. On the city markets, besides Christmas trees, citizens will be able to buy other Christmas tree decorations and flowers.
Beginning of gas consumption reading
December 18 2018
Gas meter readings will be performed every working day, including Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and will last until 15 January. Our meter readers are required to show their official badge to customers prior to entering the premises.